List of documents for standard procedure

Stage I. Local Employment Center

List of documents for the Employment Center:

  1. Notarized copies of incorporation documents:
    — Certificate of state registration — 1 copy;
    — Tax registration certificate — 1 copy (Tax payer"s identification number); 
  2. Notarized copy of the «Goskomstat» letter (State Statistical Committee) — 1 copy;
  3. Form #1-TH «Information on work force requirements» — 2 copies;
  4. Power of attorney to submit documents to the Employment Center — 1 copy;
  5. Application-form — 1 copy.

Stage II. Federal Migration Service (FMS)

List of documents required for permission to hire foreign labour:

  1. Employer"s application addressed to the head of the DFMS of Russia (Moscow branch) — 2 copies;
  2. Request to issue an assessment report to employ foreign nationals— 2 copies;
  3. Notarized copies of registration documents:
    — Certificate of state registration of legal entity;
    — Certificate of tax registration;
  4. Draft of the labor contract;
  5. The original copy of receipt for payment of state duty of 6 000 roubles for each employee;
  6. Extract from the staff list with indication of posts and salaries of persons employed (if employees" salary is not mentioned in the labor contract) — 1 copy;
  7. Power of attorney.

Stage III. Federal Migration Service (FMS)

Set of documents required to obtain individual work permit:

  1. 1 photograph (color, mat finish 30x40 mm);
  2. Medical certificate confirming the absence of: HIV, tuberculosis, syphilis, leprosy, chlamydia lymphgranuloma, chancroid, drug addiction;
  3. Application addressed to the head of the DFMS of Russia (Moscow branch) — 2 copies;
  4. Copy of foreign citizen"s higher education degree, or document confirming the equivalence of such a degree to a Russian higher education qualification;
  5. Copy pf permission to employ foreign nationals (with the original);
  6. Receipt for payment of state duties with bank seal (2000 roubles for each employee);
  7. Letter of guarantee (must have company seal and signature of general director and chief account); 
  8. Document certifying the foreign national"s identity — copy of passport translated into Russian and verified by a notary. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the starting date of the work permit.
  9. Personal application for issue of work permit — 1 copy;
  10. Power of attorney — 2 copies.