Simplified procedure/highly skilled specialists

From the point of view of Russian legislation a highly skilled specialist is recognized as an employee with experience, skills or achievements in a particular field and whose proposed salary in the RF is not less than 2 000 000 million rubles.

The stages of obtaining the work permit and visa for a highly skilled specialist are as follows:

  • Obtaining a personal work permit;
  • Obtaining an invitation for a multiple entry work visa;
  • Obtaining a Tax Certificate;
  • Submission of notifications to the tax inspection regarding the employment of the highly skilled specialist;
  • Submission of notifications to the FMS regarding tax identification number;
  • Employer concludes agreement for the provision of medical services to the highly skilled specialist and his family members;
  • On a quarterly basis the employer notifies the FMS of Russia of the foreign national"s salary.


  • Work permit and visa can be issued for up to 3 years;
  • Processing time of issuing the work permit and invitation is 14 work days;
  • Simplified list of documents;
  • Work permit is issued outside the quota and necessity to receive permission to hire;
  • Work permit can be issued for any position outside the classifier;
  • Highly skilled specialist can undertake business trips within Russia with practically no limitations;
  • Work permit can be issued for several Russian regions;
  • Highly skilled specialists are not required to undergo medical tests;
  • Multiple entry work visa is obtained in a Russian Consulate abroad, which is valid for the duration of the work permit;
  • Simplified registration procedure for the highly skilled specialist and his family members (they can stay in the RF for up to 90 days without registration);
  • It is possible to obtain a residence permit for the highly skilled specialist and his family members, including his mother and father;
  • Highly skilled specialist becomes a tax resident from his first working day in Russia. Consequently his salary will be taxed at 13%.


If the employer pays the foreign national the salary less than 2 000 000 million rubles a year the company may face administrative sanctions and may also be prohibited from employing foreign employees for two years;

  • The company should carefully monitor the situation regarding the recruitment of foreign nationals as any infringement may involve the prohibition of recruitment of highly skilled specialists;
  • Representative offices of foreign companies are not allowed to recruit highly skilled specialists.