List of documents for highly skilled specialists

List of documents required for the highly skilled specialist`s work permit and invitation:

  1. Application form — 2 copies;
  2. Employment contract with foreign employee (with signature on both sides). The following should be indicated in the employment contract:
    — The employer provides the highly skilled employee and his family members with optional medical insurance;
    — Validity of the contract and salary should be indicated in the said contract;
    — Validity period of the contract should start not earlier than one month after submission of documents to the FMS;
    — Validity of the contract should not exceed three years;
    — The contract comes into force from the moment the work permit is received;
    — It should be specified in the contract that the employee is a highly skilled specialist;
  3. Letter of guarantee — 2 copies;
  4. Copy of passport;
  5. Certificate on state registration of the legal entity, certified by a notary — 1 copy;
  6. Colour, mat photograph 3x4;
  7. State duty for the work permit — 2000 rubles;
  8. State duty for the invitation(if it is necessary to process an invitation) — 500 rubles;
  9. Power of attorney to submit documents — 2 copies;
  10. Letter of guarantee for invitation.